[microsound-announce] Modulisme >>> Freq.

philippe philippe-petit at wanadoo.fr
Mon Jun 1 10:45:35 EDT 2020

Good morning
I hope that you are enjoying the Pentecostal break, and here are two more additions to the collaborative efforts between Modulisme and Freq. magazine. This time offering exposure to Ben Edwards, aka Benge, one of Britain’s most renowned modularists giving life to 13 glorious vintage systems...


Secondly comes from America Kevin Rix, perhaps best known for his work in Hollywood as composer at Paul Dinletir‘s Audiomachine production company, where he has been responsible for the trailer music for films such as Avatar, How To Train Your Dragon and many more… But who also released 5 superb albums of Modular music, mainly using Buchla same as for our session.


On my end in May I was asked to perform a festival and the organiser offered to make a video showing big cities emptied of all soul where only trade streets and deserted roads remain… I welcomed the idea since I terribly appreciated this quiet period, without pollution, where the « Human virus » remained locked up and the planet became more breathable. Here it is for you BUCHLA-only…


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