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58818 nocturnes ~

(album) How heavy the blackness is, yet how easily pierced by light. The
night reluctantly recedes from the advance of electricity; a grid of
incandescent windows, the shreik of a bright advertisement, the swinging
beams of a passing vehicle. The fragments of night scuttle off in all
directions, to hide in the glades, and collect the in dark corners, the
lightless caverns of the imagination.

This anthology draws acousmatic portraits of reveries or direct
experiences of the night, whose interchange with the day forms one of
the most fundamental dichotomies of human existence.

 1) night poem 8 m
 2) milky way 10 m
 3) passage 18 m
 4) nocturne 15 m
    https://nulacc.bandcamp.com/album/nocturnes [1]
    http://nula.cc/58818 [2]

58601 fata morgana ~

(album - 6 tracks) A mirage is a thing at once true and false; the
image of a thing not there, which nonetheless can be seen and even
photographed. In this collection of works (let the theme of Herzog’s
film „Fata Morgana“ give them a loose bond), you will hear various field
recordings placed on backdrops or in landscapes instantiated through
convolution, the unnatural echoes of one voice within the impossible
chamber modelled by another. The groaning metal door of a machine shop,
the nimble fingers of Armenian carpet weavers, a paternoster elevator,
crows, bells, steam whistles, rattling pot lids, dry leaves and sleet
falling are the voices. Where are they in these pieces? On what planet
do they resound?


http://nula.cc/58803 [3] diyarbakır
http://nula.cc/58800 [4] dengbêj evi
http://nula.cc/57475 [5] micro-continent

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[1] https://nulacc.bandcamp.com/album/nocturnes
[2] http://nula.cc/58818
[3] http://nula.cc/58803
[4] http://nula.cc/58800
[5] http://nula.cc/57475
[6] https://nulacc.bandcamp.com/
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[8] http://nula.cc/list
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