[microsound-announce] JTTP 2019 Broadcast | Electric Sense pt. 2 (27 Nov)

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Wed Nov 27 13:45:56 EST 2019

[E] tonight @ 23h00: tune in to electric sense 
for the second part of james bailey's 
presentation of the JTTP 2019 winning works

[F] ce soir @ 23h : écoutez la deuxième partie de 
l'émission electric sense avec james bailey pour 
la suite de sa présentation des oeuvres lauréates 
de JTTP 2019


tonight / ce soir: Diego Bermudez Chamberland, 
Nicola Giannini, Roger Tellier-Craig

pt. 1 -- 20 nov:


JTTP 2019 -- 20th Jeu de temps / Times Play

BROADCAST (in two parts)
Wed. 20 + 27 Nov. 2019 @ 23h00
CIUT 89.5 FM (Toronto ON)

James Bailey, a stalwart amongst JTTP Partners, 
loads up his mid-November playlist of Electric 
Sense with the winning works from the 20th 
edition of JTTP. Tune in to CIUT (Toronto) to 
join him in celebrating recent works by these 
young and/or emerging Canadian electroacoustic 
composers and sound artists, each prizewinners in 
Jeu de temps / Times Play 2019.

Featuring works by Diego Bermudez Chamberland, 
Léa Boudreau, Benjamin Duplantie Grenier, Nicola 
Giannini, Valentin Stip and Roger Tellier-Craig.

Electric Sense. Devoted to all that is new and 
creative in the exploration of sound, the 
programme ranges from the tightly composed to the 
wildly improvised and whatever may be found in 
between. Traditional instruments to new 
inventions. Acoustic, electroacoustic, purely 
electronic, field recordings and found sounds. 
Melodic to abrasive to totally indescribable. If 
you've heard it before, you probably won't hear 
it here. Hosted by James Bailey, Wednesdays 
23:00-00:00 | CIUT 89.5 FM (Toronto ON). Electric 
Sense on Facebook: http://facebook.com/elecsense


JTTP -- Coordinated by the CEC since 2000, Jeu de 
Temps / Times Play is an annual project aimed at 
promoting and celebrating new and recent works by 
young and/or emerging electroacoustic composers 
and sound artists from (or living in) Canada.

CEC -- Founded in 1986, the Canadian 
Electroacoustic Community is Canada's official 
national association for electroacoustics and as 
such is dedicated to promoting this progressive 
art form in its broadest definition, which 
includes electroacoustic, acousmatic, musique 
concrète, electronic music, tape music, live 
electronics, acoustic ecology, soundscape, 
videomusic, circuit bending, hardware hacking, 
mixed media, turntablism, generative, glitch and 
beyond. http://cec.sonus.ca

Communauté électroacoustique canadienne (CEC) 
Canadian Electroacoustic Community
HOME http://cec.sonus.ca  \|\  JOURNAL http://econtact.ca
http://FACEBOOK.com/cec.sonus  \|\  http://TWITTER.com/cec_ca

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