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58285 the other three

‘I do not,’ said Confucius, ‘enlighten those who are not
eager to learn, nor arouse those who are not anxious to give
an explanation themselves. If I have presented one corner of
the square and they cannot come back to me with the other
three, I should not go over the points again.’

(Using as my guide the example of John Cage’s _Cartridge
Music_ I selected a number of common surfaces and recorded
them in the most direct way I could imagine: the metal grill
at the opening of the microphone was placed against the
surface, and then moved at a variety of accelerations. This
“direct concrete” approach resulted in the source material
which was then further processed and interwoven.)


58222 points on a map ~

Here are three new long-form remixes, which are decidedly
cut from the same cloth as last year’s filecast Moving
still. This is because they have been built up by layering
selected tracks from that playlist, and selections from
those tracks, along the way making a few edits and minor
adjustments. This collection also represents further
refinements of a live mix performance which took place in
November, 2017, as part of a series of all-night listening
events called Silent Night, held with some regularity at the
theatre Divadlo Ponec in Prague.


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