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Maxine Maxteacher maxinemaxmsp74 at gmail.com
Sat Jun 16 16:12:08 EDT 2018

Hi Microsound list,
My next six-week online course ADVANCED MAX starts on July 16.  Topics will
include algorithmic composition, advanced sequencing, live sampling,
granular synthesis, effects using fast Fourier transform (pitch shift,
vocoder), converting signal data, mapping MIDI to MSP, and basic color
processing and tracking with Jitter. In weeks 1-5 students will work
through the online tutorials, answer questions related to the material,
create assigned Max patches on these topics, and participate in online
discussion of artistic works utilizing these concepts. In week 6 students
will create a final project based on their own interests. I use
step-by-step written tutorials (with illustrations and downloads) combined
with private one-on-one communication (via email, not in a forum). The
advantage of my written tutorials over video tutorials is that they allow
you to move through the material at a quicker pace and easily to refer back
to specific items when you have questions. 1.5 college credit available.
To register go to the Massachusetts College of Art and Design website :
For more information about the course go to:
And if you have more questions, email me: jdunaway at massart.edu
Judy Dunaway
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