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58321 reverie nº1

(no description.)


58307 one kilometer

A broad double avenue cuts a neat slot in the forest,
running nearly the entire length of the former royal game
reserve at Obora Hvězda in Prague. Starting at 0, along the
left side of the graveled path, there runs a precisely
spaced line of 40 geodetic benchmarks at intervals of 25m,
placidly revealing for us the distance of 1/40,000th of the
polar circumference of the Earth.


58301 street scenes

1) In rural China, a horse driver manoeuvres his horsecart
around a tight corner. 2) Later, I wander away from the old
part of a town to take in the ambience of the shopping
district. 3) As evening falls, I hear the faint sound of a
moaning man from behind a high wall.


56222 disembarking

The passenger docks at Odessa, sitting more or less at the
foot of the famous Potemkin Stairs, toasts gently in the
October sun; the salty breeze, the churning waters; the
press of fellow passengers eager to disembark; the rusty
creak of boats and dock equipment; are now nothing but a
memory, feebly rekindled in these documents.


58295 trilogy ~

Three works of friction, involving metal, wood, skin, water
and air.

Before electronics, musical sound was always produced by
means of the phyiscal friction of a solid or a gas (air or
breath) against some other object. These electronic works
also center upon frictional elements, in this case the
motion of the sensitive end of a microphone moved directly
across various surfaces. In addition, a number of field
recordings of various winds and running waters are included,
often as soundings of empty spaces, such as caves, ruins,
churches, and remote mountain monasteries in Georgia and
Armenia. For additional texture, radio static is also used.

The album includes the new tracks [the other three], [hither
in fog], and [ionosphere].

Included as a bonus track is an older filecast [ocean of
steel], made from recordings of steel streetcar wheels
straining against tight rail curves at Berlin’s

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