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Release Party
@ Instants chavirés
Fri 18 march 2016
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About Drift-02

Drift -02 is made of 12 grooves of pure silence are cut on each side,
overlaid upon each others.

» This record, while technically being a disc “on” silence, is a record
“of” transparency. Suddenly one can conceive that transparency, whilst
not being a color for the eye, is undeniably one for the unheard.What we
hear is not only the result of the machine recording nothing but the sum
of the toneless events of this past process and of our present
listening. By re-enacting the figured silence of the mechanics, the
quality of your turntable, background noise, amplification, sonic
environment…, contribute to the compression of time.The sound becomes a
transparent, transpiring material; through the tangible silence, music
exudes as a twilight breath.


In the lineage of his “phonotopies”, Yann Leguay pursues the conceptual
and phenomenological exploration of mechanical sound. “Drift” series
pushes the technical limitation of the machine. Namely, engraving the
crossing of grooves on a vinyl record. The “drift” therefore arises when
the needle changes path according to these crossings. Drift #2 documents
this operation without any sound source having been recorded.  »

- Samon Takahashi

====================  ABOUT ====================

as an introduction to the evening

Sound performance
Samon Takahashi is a visual and sound artist based in Paris, France. His
practice is devoted to visual art, sound art and music. His work is
so-called transdisciplinary using all types of media. His main interests
or obsessions concern language, means of communication, pseudo science,
architecture, isolated landscapes and classification. There is not a
clear style that links his different works but a methodology, a sort of
empirical logic, a common skeleton.

Radioscape, video screening, 2016
Nicolas Montgermont developps his artistic researches amongst different
collectives. Since 2005, in the /chdh/ duo, he works on the synesthesic
aspects of the audiovisual performance by creating choreographies of
abstract particules. These works leads to two edition, the /vivarium/
dvd in 2008, and the usb key /egregore - source/ in 2014, both on the
artkillart label. Between 2007 and 2012, he works in the /art of
failure/ duo, exploring the capacities of the mediums to generate their
own forms, as in the /corpus/ series, sound installations that sets in
vibration differents architectures in Europe. Since 2012, he
collaborates with Cécile Beau on installations that makes perceptible
the physical properties of our environment.

Data Traffic, sound performance
Jean-François Blanquet carries out a sound and visual search with the
help of several processes such as
the transmission/wave reception (radio, infrared, wifi) the electronic
feedback and larsen (mixer + effects, computer, speaker + microphone),
modified and appropriation of audio and video objects (circuit-bending),
voice and cut-up (work on text, words and language). He seeks in noise
and instability, an opening to an adventure of the senses.
The body as central presence in the live act, he recycles and hijacks
the technology which surround us, he develops process involving loops,
larsens, re-injections of the signal and other chain reaction devices,
surfing with luck for new adventure, a formulation occurs.
Go forward without any hang ups, to an aesthetic of confusion!
Acts alone or with poets, video makers and musicians, working with
dance, theater, and involves in multidisciplinary projects.

Attack me at 2.432 GHz, sound performance
Attack me at 2.432 GHz is an audiovisual performance based on the real
time sonification of human activities in the electromagnetic spectrum
and particularly high frequencies. In a global surveillance context,
while the "Internet Of Things" movement is spreading worldwide connected
objects, our personal datas have never been so exposed. The massive use
of wireless transmissions rises questions about public health and
safety, preservation of privacy.To prevent this, there is the strategy
of the attack, the honeypot to attract pests and digital lock-picking
skills to open backdoors and build autonomous zones. Possibly encrypted
data packets encapsulated in a constellation of standardized protocols,
that's all electromagnetic bestaire that revolves around us every day in
an invisible but audible world.



Pre Release Party
 in Labomedia, Orléans, thu 17 march
w/ Nicolas Montgermont, b01, Jean François Blanquet et Art[k]illart


Yann Leguay will give a talk within the conference series Reflexio, at
Paris 8 Université Paris 8


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