[microsound-announce] Berlin Dec. 12th: VALERIO TRICOLI, BEATRICE DILLON, THEO BURT

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Thu Dec 8 07:36:41 EST 2016

20:00, Concert 21:00*
Kantine am Berghain - Am Wriezener Bahnhof 70, 10243 Berlin

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Three of the most uncompromising artists and tireless experimenters present
their new solo shows on Dec. 12th at Kantine am Berghain.

Valerio Tricoli
complex compositions invoke the unknown and a haunting sense of narrative
which is all too often elusive, and disturbingly visceral. His virtuosic
skills helped him earn "a formidable reputation beyond the experimental
circles and into the inquisitive ears looking for unpredictable new
sensations and ideas".

Recently nominated in The FADER among the 15 UK artists worth listening to
in 2017, Beatrice Dillon
"nebulous ambiguity constantly teeters on the edge of definition" will
present a malleable live set using solo material, mostly unreleased
forthcoming new music that does not stick to any sound, timing structures
or shape in particular.

Continuing the work begun in 2011 with his Summer Mix
one of the uncanniest computer music releases of this decade (Entr'acte /
Death of Rave),Theo Burt
<http://www.theoburt.com/?mc_cid=86ae8630cc&mc_eid=27f2652ca6> presents new
sound and video material from his Automatics Group's dance-pop
deconstruction Remixes

Presented in collaboration with Thirty Three Thirty Three
Supported by Initiative Neue Musik e.V.
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