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phonography ::: field recording ::: the art of sound-hunting
open your ears and listen!

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#577: 2016.12.04
listen to this edition here: 

our second-to-last regular edition before our annual winter break - 
featuring three recent physical and digital releases, along with another 
selection of recent favorites from the aporee soundmaps. again, several 
of them are marked as 'anonymous', which just means the uploader hasn't 
registered a username on the maps, and, while i could guess at the names 
based on the provided email addresses, i'd rather not risk getting them 
wrong. so if any of these anonymous recordings are yours and you'd like 
to be credited correctly, just let me know.

next week's framework:afield is a special seasonal show entitled 
'sakral' - a mix by regular contributor d.l. lutz of recordings (of 
music and otherwise) made inside sacred spaces. the week after that 
we'll have one last regular edition for 2016, featuring, among other 
things, my own new work, my first physical release since since 2012, an 
lp on gruenrekorder titled 'songs for forgetting'. and at this time of 
year it's good to remind you to show your generosity by supporting the 
program; framework is a 100% volunteer effort, and it simply can't 
happen without listener support. so if you'd like us to keep going for 
another year, go to the framework website and sign up to make a monthly 
or one-time donation, in return for which we will gratefully send you 
copies of our framework:seasonal compilation series, or a copy of our 
mammoth 3-cdr framework500 set. and if you do it now, it may even make 
it to you in time for christmas!

again, we are always looking for new material, whether raw field 
recordings, field recording based composition, or introduction 
submissions. we are also now accepting proposals for full editions of 
our guest curated framework:afield series. send proposals or material, 
released or not, on any format, to the address at the bottom of this 
mail. if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch!


[time  /  artist  /  track  /  release  /  label]

00:00 - 04:57  /  jeremy hegge  /  framework introduction, recorded in 

03:59 - 07:43  /  flavien gillié  /  trains passing by at holleken 
station  /  linkebeek, belgium  /  aporee soundmaps

07:00 - 12:58  /  wolfram  /  w:x:swarm  /  x  /  monotype
http://wolfram.art.pl, http://monotyperecords.com

09:13 - 19:07  /  roland etzin  /  vinschgau  /  sonic drawings  / 

14:37 - 26:13  /  tarab  /  [extract 1]  /  gleaners  /  cronica
http://tarab3058.com, http://www.cronicaelectronica.org

18:08 - 21:30  /  anonymous  /  inside metro station jaques brel  / 
anderlecht, belgium  /  aporee soundmaps

21:04 - 29:04  /  wolfram  /  exploded view  /  x  /  monotype
http://wolfram.art.pl, http://monotyperecords.com

26:22 - 35:22  /  anonymous  /  melting snow  /  wolbrom, poland  / 
aporee soundmaps

31:45 - 43:59  /  roland etzin  /  garten  /  sonic drawings  / 

35:15 - 47:17  /  tarab  /  [extract 2]  /  gleaners  /  cronica
http://tarab3058.com, http://www.cronicaelectronica.org

42:41 - 46:45  /  mode analogue  /  bat colony  /  phnom krom, cambodia 
/  aporee soundmaps

46:17 - 56:17  /  wolfram  /  secret humans  /  x  /  monotype
http://wolfram.art.pl, http://monotyperecords.com

48:59 - 53:43  /  roland etzin  /  wasser  /  sonic drawings  / 

55:33 - 59:00  /  anonymous  /  muezzins calls for prayer and shooting 
sounds  /  jerusalem, israel  /  aporee soundmaps


SUPPORT FRAMEWORK! your contributions make framework possible. please 
consider signing up to become a regular monthly donor, or make a 
one-time contribution. as a thank-you for your subscription of €5 or 
more, or your one-time donation of €20 or more, we'll send you the 
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without you, and we greatly appreciate your support.


framework intro submissions:

    1)    take yourself and an audio recorder to a location of your choice
    2)    record for AT LEAST 1 minute before you -
    3)    read aloud the following text (in english or translated):

welcome to framework. framework is a show consecrated to 
field-recording, and its use in composition.  field-recording, 
phonography, the art of sound hunting; open your ears and listen!

    4)    continue recording for AT LEAST 2 minutes after the text
    5)    post the recording to us on any format, or send us an 

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