[microsound-announce] Circuit Bridges concert in NYC on 3/26

Dave Seidel dave at mysterybear.net
Wed Mar 25 08:10:30 EDT 2015

Hi all,

I will be playing my piece "Prism, Mirror, Lens" for Shnth and realtime 
Csound tomorrow night (March 26, 2015) at the Circuit Bridges concert at 
Gallery MC, 549 West 52nd Street, 7:30 pm. There will be lots of other 
music as well, by Gene Pritsker, Yiannis Christofides, Robert Voisey, 
Linda Antas, Hubert Howe, Sabrina Peña Young, Frans Zwartjes, and Tomás 
Henriques. And there will be cupcakes!

Program here:

There's a Facebook event for those so inclined:

- Dave
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