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eContact! 16.4
Experimental Practices and Subversion in Sound /
Pratiques sonores expérimentales et subversives
Guest Editor: Karin Weissenbrunner

[E] The ephemeral and varied character of 
subversion in musical creation makes it a 
challenging, complex concept to clearly define 
and illustrate. In this issue it is approached 
and reflected upon via a range of experimental 
practices with turntables, tapes and other 
devices, fringe genres, sound sculptures, and 
alternative models of music distribution.

[F] Le caractère éphémère et diversifié du 
concept de subversion dans la création musicale 
en fait un concept complexe, difficile à définir 
et illustrer. Dans ce numéro, on l'aborde sous 
l'angle des pratiques expérimentales avec 
tourne-disques, cassettes et autres dispositifs, 
des genres marginaux, de la sculpture sonore et 
des modèles alternatifs de distribution musicale.


Subversive Qualities in Experimental Practices
by Karin Weissenbrunner

The Musical Underground and the Popular and Classical Overground
by Stephen Graham

Plunderphonics, or Audio Piracy as a Compositional Prerogative
by John Oswald

Negative Money: Care of Editions
by Gary Schultz

by dieb13

A Personal Approach to Subversion
by Antony Maubert

Scherzophobia: Toward a postmusic
by Jon Panther

Épater la bourgeoisie... whatever. On the obsolescence of subversion
by jef chippewa

Instant Cut
by JD Zazie

[GALLERY] Graham Dunning

[GALLERY] Martin Howse

[GALLERY] Timo Kahlen

A Snapshot of My Deepest Psyche: Interview with turntablist Joke Lanz [EN]
Eine Momentaufnahme meiner tiefsten Psyche: 
Interview mit Turntablist Joke Lanz [DE]
by Karin Weissenbrunner

Analogue Synthesizers, Phonetics and the Human 
Voice: Conversation with Romanian-American 
composer Gheorghe Costinescu
by Bob Gluck

From "Doing the Dirty Jobs" to Electronic Music 
Composer: Conversation with Spanish composer 
Andrés Lewin-Richter
by Bob Gluck


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