[microsound-announce] Let's Go Bang!

philippe petit philippe-petit at wanadoo.fr
Thu Apr 16 00:20:25 EDT 2015

*Hope that you are well**
**Last month I had an interesting time rehearsing/playing some new 
compositions with the European Contemporary Orchestra* *+ finalizing 
Raoul Lay's intimate (Contemporary Space Opera?!) "The World's 
Wanderers/Les Errants De L'Univers" based on poems by Percy B. Shelley... *
Now getting *ready to go play the duet with violinist-extraordinaire Mia 
Zabelka in Russia *(Our good friend & talented musician Alexei Borisov 
will also be on the bill)*and then at her Klanghaus fest. in Austria* 
where we shall work on some recordings...

*DJ/Sonic Seducer* uploaded a new mix *in hommage to Post-Punk Grooves*, 
luckily it may bring a smile to your ears...


**Hope to see some of you within the next days:*

April 23 - Mia Zabelka & Philippe Petit @ Dom CC
Moscow - Russia

April 24 - Mia Zabelka & Philippe Petit
Teplo gallery - Yaroslavl - Russia

April 26 - Mia Zabelka & Philippe Petit
ESG 21 - St. Petersburg - Russia

May 09 - Klanghaus Festival
Sankt Johann im Saggautal - Austria

*Bestes* - Philippe

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