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*projectsinge - LogforData **

We are happy to announce the release of Artkillart 10, "LogforData" by

LogforData is an audio tape composed of several audio coding protocols
extracted from a 56k modem, FAX as well as personal computers from the
1980's. This audio data also contains several texts from online secure
conversations between several members of an IRC channel.

The decoding of the content is made possible by linking up a cassette
player to a computer connected to the website www.logfordata.net.

A personal version of the text appears according to the accuracy of the
tape player, the swiftness of the computer system and its Internet
connection. The tape has 15 minutes of audio data streams per side, one
in French and one in English.

The decoded texts give us a glimpse into the existence of a pure data
ecosystem, a world where information has mutated towards an independent
life form.

More infos : http://projectsinge.free.fr/?cat=7

Order at Artkillart http://artkillart.tk/
Or Staalplaat http://www.staalplaat.com/artkillart
Or Metamkine http://www.metamkine.com

Credits : Jean-François Blanquet, David Olivari, Clément Charmet, Jérôme
Blanquet and Sylvain Le Beux
Produced by ART KILL ART
with the support of  iMAL / Desert Numerique / DICREAM / Kawenga
AKA 10 - 2015
ltd. ed. 256 ex.

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