[microsound-announce] Berlin 07-10.11: Michel Chion, Lionel Marchetti, Jerome Noetinger present Filarium, German Premiere

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With Apologies for Cross- Posting

Friday 07.11.
Doors: 19h30 Concert 20h00

Villa Elisabeth
Invalidenstr. 3
10115 Berlin

Michel Chion, Lionel Marchetti and Jérôme Noetinger will present their new
musique concrète composition Filarium. Originally commissioned by Musique
Action 2014, this piece will be played through a surround system consisting
of 16 loudspeakers while the audience is seated in complete darkness. A
unique opportunity for an immersive aural experience.

1st Part
Titre (M.C., L.M., J.N.) 3'10"
L'épaisseur de la nuit (J.N.) 20'37"
Les vers luisants (M.C.) 12'33"
Nostalgie du cyclope (L.M.) 28'00"

2nd Part
Archaeopteryx 1 (M.C., L.M., J.N.) 16'28"
Archaeopteryx 2 (M.C., L.M., J.N.) 08’40"
Archaeopteryx3 (M.C., L.M., J.N.) Live improvisation

Kindly supported by Initiative Neue Musik Berlin. In partnership with
Deutschlandradio Kultur and Elektronisches Studio, TU Berlin.

Tickets reservation: 030/44043644
tickets at elisabeth.berlin

FACEBOOK EVENT <https://www.facebook.com/events/1544476152431557/>
Monday. 10.11 - 19h30
Hörsaal H104, Straße der 17. Juni 135
10623 Berlin

Michel Chion, Lionel Marchetti and Jérôme Noetinger will be performing a
selection of their works through the largest wave field synthesis /WFS
system: Installed around the entire hall, over 2000 speakers, controlled by
a computer cluster with 832 audio channels, allowing creation of sound
sources anywhere in the space and providing a near-complete degree of
immersion for the listener.

Michel Chion <http://michelchion.com/>
Composer of musique concrète, Chion has created to date forty works for
fixed sounds on audio support - some large, including a Requiem, several
"melodrama", suites , symphonies, etc... In 1970, he invented his own
techniques ("impeded scroll", "pencil") to use creatively the tape
recorder, which - combined or not with the computer - remains its preferred
tool. Michel Chion is also a filmmaker, an associate professor at the
Université de Paris, and a prolific writer on film, sound, and music.

Lionel Marchetti <http://lionelmarchetti.bandcamp.com/>
Lionel Marchetti is a French composer of concrete music, an improviser
(electronics, various analogic systems with modified speakers, REVOX
reel-to-reel recorder…) as well as a visual-sound artist, a writer and a

Jérôme Noetinger <http://metamkine.free.fr metamkine.com>
Jérôme Noetinger is an improviser and composer of electroacoustic music
based in France. Projects include his duo with Lionel Marchetti, eRikm and
Quintet Avant. He is a member of the famed MIMEO ensemble, as well as a
member of Cellule d’Intervention Metamkine. Noetinger also runs the
Metamkine label, distribution and mail-order service and is a key
participant at the influential audio arts magazine Revue et Corrigée.
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