[microsound-announce] Gerard Lebik Zopan VHS ESP Tour

gerard lebik gerard.lebik at wp.pl
Mon Oct 27 05:28:26 EDT 2014

Hello Microsounders 

I would invite You for my performance in OCT/NOV Zopan VHS ESP  Tour 

24.10.2014  Kunst Halle / OSLO 10  BASEL
28.10.2014 Atelier de l’étoile BESANCON
29.10.2014 Asile 404  MARSEILLE
02.11.2014 lullcec BARCELONA 
04.11.2014 MKII Gallery LONDON
06.11.2014 Cube Cinema BRISTIOL
08-10.1.2014 Mem Festival BILBAO 

sound installation, concert 

Alteration in the intensity and light saturation, and the magnetic field fluctuation on tapes old video cassettes gives micro changes in the sound captured from video recorders. To create the visual space used a set of VHS recorders and analog monitoring system using infrared cameras and televisions kinescope feedback, controlled by the frequency of the pure acoustic waves generated by the generators Zopan KZ 1406. Adaptation of analog devices enables control of the image using the acoustic 
waves, and control of sound using the analog video interference. The result is a visible and audible feedback of analog video and audio. 




Thanks Gerard Lebik 

Gerard Lebik


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