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Call for Works - Sydney Non Objective

We are currently inviting proposals for sound and media works for our
2014-2015 program.

Exhibitions run each month (generally for 1 month opening on the first

Proposals may be for stereo sound works on CD/DVD, single channel video,
or installations. Please note that more complicated installations will
need to be installed by the artist (or their representative) unless they
can be made portable enough to be handled within the SNO operating budget.

There are no funds available for artists fees.

There are no funds available for travel and accommodation.

There is no fee for the artist to pay.

Deadline is ongoing.

The sound/media works are usually exhibited in the foyer and/or inner
hallway. See floor plan:

Housed in an ‘Arts and Crafts’ style building in Marrickville, Sydney Non
Objective is located in one of Australia’s most culturally diverse areas.
Easily found via public transport, SNO lies 6kms from the Sydney CBD. The
SNO Program is supported Marrickville Council, and by the Australian
Government through its Visual Arts and Crafts Strategy. SNO is assisted by
the NSW government through Arts NSW. SNO coordinates activities held
locally, nationally, and abroad. There are three gallery rooms, a Sound
Project facility, and an Artist Studio (available via application).
Artists are invited once a month to show work and may choose an individual
or more collaborative engagement.

The central idea that informed the inception and management of SNO’s
program remains today. It is based on a critical appraisal of contemporary
Australian art and how it relates to a broader international spectrum. The
selected projects generally reflect a wide variety of approaches to the
plastic arts, new media, or any form that may provide a deepening of the
contemporary investigation into non-objective, concrete, and abstract art
in general. SNO attempts to critically balance different levels of
artistic experience, and the specialist program aims to sustain a policy
of innovation and integration of new ideas, often by presenting
established and emerging artists together.


- Send a proposal with examples of work to Ian Andrews ian at ian-andrews.org

- If accepted we will negotiate a date according to vacancies in the program.

- If the work is an installation work we can negotiate with the artist to
install the work on their behalf if they cannot travel to Sydney. This
will be dependent on the work being reasonably portable: i.e. easy to ship
and return at the artist's expense, or able to be installed by instruction
from cheap, locally sourced, components, with minimal labour.

For more information please visit: http://www.sno.org.au

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