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framework radio
phonography ::: field recording ::: the art of sound-hunting
open your ears and listen!


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#420: 2013.05.12

spring has finally sprung here in estonia - we've had sunny days and 
high temperatures (for us, anyway) and the bbq grills have come out. 
this is the first completely normal regular edition we've produced in 
quite awhile, what with editions of framework:ephemera, 
framework:afield, and the framework:seasonal fundraising editions we 
produced before leaving for three weeks in the middle east. so the last 
time we walked outside and recorded the talky bits (that's the technical 
term) for a show, there was still much, much snow on the ground. very 
different from today's sun and grass and birds.

very pleased to see the return of our occasional aporee maps segment 
this well, with a nice tour starting in the uk, moving on the italy, the 
united states, and ending up in india. you'll find direct links to their 
maps locations below. we also heard tracks from a showcase release of 
lithuanian sound artists, a great look into a blossoming scene. also 
some textual work: ross adams sound poem by and with the sami people in 
northern finland, and kristoff k. roll's dreamscapes recorded in france. 
and a few unreleased submissions from artists based here in estonia, 
both recorded while abroad: taavi tatsi *almost* recorded a framework 
intro for us while in portugal, and polina tšerkassova recorded the 
beautiful wave organ in zadar, croatia. all this began with our first 
ever framework introduction recorded in mexico! keep them coming!

again, we are always looking for new material, whether raw field 
recordings, field recording based composition, or introduction 
submissions. we are also now accepting proposals for full editions of 
our guest curated framework:afield series. send proposals or material, 
released or not, on any format, to the address at the bottom of this 
mail. if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch!


(time / artist / track / album / label)

00:00 - 03:53  /  vlax  / framework intro, recorded in mexico

02:56 - 09:38  /  paul whitty  /  listening to the masts in the creek  / 
  brightlingsea, uk  /  aporee maps

03:57 - 12:08  /  polina tšerkassova  /  [extract]  /  sea organ, zadar, 
croatia  /  -
[no web info]

07:13 - 17:06  /  ross adams  /  nord rute [extract 1]  /  nord rute  / 

13:37 - 29:13  /  eero pulkkinen & teemo iltola  /  [extract 1]  / siilo 
  /  [self-release]

17:02 - 18:13  /  jiri lindovsky  /  the gray stone quarries at monte 
ceceri  /  fiesole, it  /  aporee maps

21:24 - 26:27  /  andrius rugys (PB8)  /  gir gir gir gar gar gar 
(garsas)  /  lithuanian sound art  /  gintas kraptavičius
http://monoskop.org/Andrius_Rugys, http://gintask.dar.lt

23:01 - 37:09  /  kristoff k. roll  /  méridienne allongée  /  a l'ombre 
des ondes  /  empreintes DIGITALes
http://kristoffk.roll.free.fr, http://empreintesdigitales.com

29:02 - 32:19  /  ryan urban  /  in search of the pulse  /  houston, us 
  /  aporee maps

30:02 - 34:29  /  lina lapelytė  /  PAR (live excerpt)  /  lithuanian 
sound art  /  gintas kraptavičius
http://www.linalapelyte.com, http://gintask.dar.lt

31:10 - 40:12  /  steve rowell  /  kewaunee nuclear plant shut down  / 
wisconsin, us  /  aporee maps

36:24 - 50:31  /  ross adams  /  nord rute [extract 2]  /  nord rute  / 

40:11 - 51:20  /  kristoff k. roll  /  méridienne inclinée  /  a l'ombre 
des ondes  /  empreintes DIGITALes
http://kristoffk.roll.free.fr, http://empreintesdigitales.com

42:58 - 55:07  /  eero pulkkinen & teemo iltola  /  [extract 2]  / siilo 
  /  [self-release]

48:03 - 55:32  /  taavi tatsi  /  museo de aqua  /  -  /  -
[no web info]

51:46 - 54:43  /  francois emmanuel fodere  /  night walk  /  om beach, 
karnataka, in  /  aporee maps

55:06 - 57:00  /  SALA  /  fermentacija  /  lithuanian sound art  / 
gintas kraptavičius
http://alas23.blogspot.com, http://gintask.dar.lt


framework intro submissions:

   1)    take yourself and an audio recorder to a location of your choice
   2)    record for AT LEAST 1 minute before you -
   3)    read aloud the following text (in english or translated):

welcome to framework. framework is a show consecrated to 
field-recording, and its use in composition.  field-recording, 
phonography, the art of sound hunting; open your ears and listen!

   4)    continue recording for AT LEAST 2 minutes after the text
   5)    post the recording to us on any format, or send us an mp3

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