[microsound-announce] What is up with the normal digest?

Derek Holzer macumbista at googlemail.com
Mon May 13 06:59:35 EDT 2013

Yes and no. As evil and autocratic as FB is, late last year I decided 
that as a person who both wants to inform and be informed of things 
going on in the cultural world, I was being rather foolish ignoring it.

Sadly, it has replaced many mailing lists and forums as the central info 
point... however this is the main symptom of the information age--this 
constant (and bewildering) chase after moving targets of what is 
"current". Live it or leave it! ;-)

That said, I would be curious to know what FB pages people do use to 
share and discover microsound-related stuff.


>     It may be simply another example of how FaceBook has sucked all the
>     oxygen out of other online communities and conversations!   :-(

derek holzer

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