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# 56294 blesk a hrom

the czech words for “lightning and thunder” aptly characterize the
outdoor city-wide sound environment replayed in prague every year at
silvestr — or new year’s eve. here is a recording, beginning just at
midnight, of what it sounded like most recently, with my best wishes for
the coming year.

download: http://nula.cc/56294
stream: http://soundcloud.com/nulacc/56294-blesk-a-hrom

# 56275 dividing line

the borderland between countries can give one an odd feeling as one
passes through a place where bureaucracy and armed guards interrupt the
free sensation of moving down the road. psychologically, we may feel the
need to steel ourselves for the leap from the commonplace to the

download: http://nula.cc/56275
stream: http://soundcloud.com/nulacc/56275-dividing-line

# a tale of meridians

in my haphazard wanderings, i have stumbled upon many, many official
markers and monuments — obelisks (and the like), wall fixtures, or
embedded among cobblestones — and each one adds a sentence or paragraph
to the internal story i make up for myself about the world. 

europe is, obviously, awash in such markers. a recent post i contributed
to the endlessly fascinating history / culture / travel blog "poemas del
río wang" focuses on local prime meridians in prague and trieste. 

poemas del río wang: a tale of meridians

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