[microsound-announce] administrivia [for better mailing experience]

js johns at or8.net
Sat Sep 8 22:24:27 EDT 2012

greetings to all

i am currently going through the backlog of rejected messages. if you 
are a subscriber, and it seemed to me that the subject of your email was 
in line with the purposes of the list; i rejected your note in order 
that you would get notified of this fact, and the reason for the 
rejection. in truth, i really i don't know if the list software sends 
this mail or not.

on the other hand, anything that seemed to be spam was just deleted.

i am imperfect, so i apologize if i made the wrong selection on your 
mail. but really, don't take it too seriously. some of these mails have 
been lying around for months ...

the 2 most common reasons for rejecting mails to the list:
- over 40k in size
- implicit destination [cc]

there are a few others, 'too many recipients' is the only one i recall 

i want your notices to get out to the subscriber list. i have no desire 
to censor, or moderate, or vet any postings to the list. the criteria 
for rejecting are the defaults for mailman [and seem reasonable for a 
public mailing list].

by sending this note, i hope to enable more people to get their 
messages out.

thank you for reading this note all the way to the end.

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