[microsound-announce] ZKM Feature on Ethernet Orchestra

Roger Mills roger at eartrumpet.org
Sat Dec 3 19:41:59 EST 2011

Hi everyone..just wanted to flag up the radio feature that has been  
made on Ethernet Orchestra for ZKMs DEGEM radio.  Directed by Mirko  
Heinemann, It features recordings of performances over the last two  
years, as well as interviews revealing the varying perspectives of  
networked musicians playing experiences.

The program is broadcast twice a day for a month and can be listened  
to a different times each day. Times scheduled within program block E.


Monday: 10am + 10pm
Tuesday: 8am + 8pm
Wednesday: 6am + 6pm
Thursday: 4am + 4pM
Friday: 2am + 2pm
Saturday: 0am and 0pm
Sunday: 6am + 6pm
The time is CET Central European Time == UTC + 1 hour

Thanks to blackhole-factory for supporting it.

enjoy !

Roger Mills


M: 0403 414495

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