[microsound-announce] SoundTransit Project Relaunched by Turbulence.org

Derek Holzer macumbista at googlemail.com
Sat Dec 3 09:02:58 EST 2011

After a 10 month hiatus, the Soundtransit project is back thanks to the 
generous hosting support of Turbulence.org.

SoundTransit is a collaborative, online community dedicated to field 
recording and phonography. Phonography is the art of recording sounds 
from the environment around us, with an emphasis on the unintentional 
sounds which often go unnoticed in our daily lives. An international 
community of phonographers collect and share their recordings, with 
interests ranging from recordings of natural or urban environments to 
improvised situations or soundwalks to the resonance of solid objects or 
the Earth's atmosphere

In the BOOK section of this site, you can plan a sonic journey through 
various locations recorded around the world. In the SEARCH section, you 
can search the database for specific sounds by member artists from many 
different places. If you are a member of SoundTransit, you can also 
CONTRIBUTE your recordings for others to enjoy. The Creative Commons 
Attribution license encourages the sharing and reuse of all sounds on 
this website.

During 2010, our previous host in the Netherlands quadrupled the rent 
for our server, forcing us to move or consider closing. Turbulence.org 
graciously offered their support, and during 2011 we've been working 
together with them, getting everything up and running again.

Please visit us at


to hear our collection of over 2000 recordings from 471 artists around 
the world, experience our unique way of traveling via sound and find out 
how you can help the SoundTransit project.

Huge thanks go out to Helen Thorington, Jo-Anne Green and Jesse Gilbert 
of Turbulence for their kindness and patience!

Derek Holzer
Marc Boon

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