[microsound-announce] ( nula ) new filecast: 55791 crossing. mp3, 10 minutes.

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Fri Aug 19 08:18:12 EDT 2011

# 55791 crossing

an invention for three sources, where each part was laid into a timeline carelessly at first, and then over many iterations, gradually moved here and there, until something like a composition came slowly into focus. noise caused by digital errors was left in; that’s the machines talking in their own language.


# 55763 rumble ping

field, filtered. the onomatopœia of the title is merely suggestive: here are recordings of contrasting interior and exterior spaces that are filtered thru the mind’s ear, and, in this brute juxtaposition, found to be congruent.


# available filecasts

55791 crossing. an invention for three sources. mp3, 10 minutes
55763 rumble ping. three enmeshed field recordings. mp3, 12 minutes
55730 addendum. portfolio of image collages. 12 images
55719 hungry. video improvised from historical document. mp4, 4 minutes
55710 three fragments. field recordings that include music. mp3, 15 minutes
55668 drift. modulated field and found. mp3, 14 minutes
55644 snow. video field recording. mp4, 4 minutes
55612 on a wire. mixed and found. mp3, 13 minutes
55579 running as rain. sound collage. mp3, 13 minutes
55515 locomotive. sound collage. mp3, 17 minutes
55505 pareidolia. a charged absence. 41 minutes
55473 choral scratch. multiple chorused chorus. mp3, 12 minutes
55430 andijon. sound collage. mp3, 12 minutes
55396 remember. sound collage. mp3, 16 minutes
55381 north. portfolio of image collages. 12 images
55354 odessa steps. video from odessa. mp4, 7 minutes
55326 pearl of asia. sounds of the cambodian jungle. mp3, 15 minutes
55270 suddenly. manipulated film footage. mp4, 4 minutes
55256 movements. collage of field and found. mp3, 15 minutes
55207 for strings. composition. mp3, 13 minutes
55166 edge case. sound collage. mp3, 15 minutes
55147 twelve o’clock. sound collage. mp3, 14 minutes
55132 day train. field recording. mp3, 14 minutes
55114 someplace else. pdf or web slideshow. 128 images
55095 abylai. found recording from kazakhstan. mp3, 16 minutes
55083 in three. collage of field recordings. mp3, 15 minutes
55060 night train. field recording. mp3, 13 minutes
55049 underground. video collage. mp4, 7 minutes
55033 forty. sound collage. mp3, 14 minutes
55017 rather sad. sound collage composition. mp3, 15 minutes
55005 on air. collage of field and found. mp3, 16 minutes

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