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/*framework*/ - phonography / field recording; contextual and 
decontextualized sound activity
presented by patrick mcginley

/*framework*/ broadcasts:
     - sunday, 10pm, london, ukon *resonance 104.4fm*  
     - wednesday, 1am, thessaloniki, gr on *cooradio* 
     - wednesday, 3am,lisbon, pt on *radio zero* (http://www.radiozero.pt)
     - thursday, 7pm,lisbon, pt on *radio zero* (http://www.radiozero.pt)
     - friday, 1am, brussels, be on *radio campus 92.1fm*  
     - saturday, 11am, new york state, us on *wgxc 90.7fm* 
     - saturday, 5pm, south devon, uk on*soundartradio 102.5fm* 

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*for general info, playlists, podcasts, or to stream the latest edition 
at any time: http://www.frameworkradio.net *
*framework is supported by /soundtransit/: http://www.soundtransit.nl *

your subscriptions & donations help make the production of /*framework*/ 
possible. visit out website to find out how to become a regular donor, 
or make a one-time donation here: http://www.frameworkradio.net/donate. 
25% of all donations go to *resonancefm*, without whom /*framework*/ 
would not exist. (if you would like to donate directly to *resonancefm* 
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*#340: 2011.07.31*

this is our last show before our annual summer holidays. we'll be taking 
the month of august off, as usual, but of course we've arranged some 
shows from the /*framework*/ archives for your listening pleasure during 
our break. this year we're featuring shows that included live in-studio 
performances, from back in our early days of live broadcasting at 
*resonancefm*. here's what to expect:

- on *august 7th* we're airing a show from *2002.07.12*, which featured 
a live performance by *jonathan coleclough*.
- on *august 14th* we're airing a show from *2003.05.02*, which featured 
a live performance by *jean-luc guionnet*.
- on *august 21st* we're airing a show from *2004.03.05*, which featured 
a live performance by *achim wollscheid*.
- on *august 28th* we're airing a show from *2004.07.09*, which featured 
a live performance by *michael northam* and *loren chasse*.

and on september 4th we'll be back with new programming! also at that 
time we hope to be ready to launch the *1st edition of our new series of 
publications* - it will take the form of a twice yearly online magazine 
with accompanying compilation cdr in handmade packaging, which will be 
available only through us in exchange for a minimum donation of €20 to 
/*framework radio*/. the first edition features works by *gill arno*, 
*ernst karel*, *sebastiane hegarty*, *joe stevens*, *lee patterson*, 
*marc behrens*, *mark peter wright*, *mecha/orga*, and *paulo raposo*. 
we're taking pre-orders as of now, so if you make a donation you'll be 
down to receive one of the first copies. show your support for 
/*framework radio*/, and get some great sounds in return!

(we are also now accepting submissions for these publications - 
writings, reviews, interviews, or images for the magazine, and sounds 
for the cdrs. if you have anything you'd like to submit, please get in 

this edition of /*framework:afield*/ has been produced by *keith de 
mendonca*, and features the sounds of voices in song or in prayer 
recorded around asia. there's a full track list below, or if you'd like 
to get in touch with keith directly, drop us a note and we'll forward 
you his address.

again, we are always looking for material for the show, whether raw 
field recordings, field recording based composition, or introduction 
submissions. we are also now accepting proposals for full editions of 
our guest curated /*framework:afield*/ series. send proposals or 
material, released or not, on any format, to the address below. if you 
have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch!

tartu mnt 41
63710 ahja

info at frameworkradio.net


*(time   /  track )*

0.00      Male singer over loudspeaker, Hindu temple in Menjangan, NW Bali
04:30    bamboo xylophone, Ubud, Bali
07:30    Gamelan ensemble, Mount Batur, Bali
10:30    Lao Liu Daoist temple of the white cloud, W Beijing, China
15:00    Throwing coins at a bell, temple of the white cloud, W Beijing, 
16:00    Daoist temple, Kunming, Yunnan, China
19:00    Monks debating, Ganden monastery, Lhasa, Tibet, China
22:00    Old male singer, Dalai Llama's summer palace, Lhasa, Tibet, China
24:30    Two monks chanting with drum, bell and cymbals, Ganden 
monastery, Lhasa, Tibet, China
28:00    Work songs while repairing the roof, Ganden monastery, Lhasa, 
Tibet, China
33:30    Temple bell, Beijing, China
34:00    Waves forced through holes in rock, Unawatuna beach, Sri Lanka
35:00    Fish sellers, Galle fort, Sri Lanka
36:00    Buddhist temple, Unawatuna, Sri Lanka
38:30    Drums and reed instrument, temple of the Buddha's tooth, Kandy, 
Sri Lanka
41:00    Funeral chants, temple, Bangkok, Thailand
42:00    Funeral chants over loudsepeaker
44:00    Jain pilgrims arriving in Channakeshava temple, Karnataka, India
46:30    Women singing in a temple, central Hanoi, Vietnam
50:00    Muezzin call, Muslim district, Bangkok, Thailand
51:00    Silk loom, Muslim district, Bangkok, Thailand
52:00    Buddhist monks chanting, Phensang monastery, NE India.
54:30    Tibetan horn practice, Phensang monastery, NE India.
56:00    Male singer over loudspeaker, Hindu temple in Menjangan, NW Bali
57:00    End.

framework intro submissions:

1)    take yourself and an audio recorder to a location of your choice
2)    record for /AT LEAST/ one minute before you -
3)    read aloud the following text:

*welcome to framework.

framework is a show consecrated to field recording, and its use in 
composition.  field recording, phonography, the art of sound hunting; 
open your ears and listen!*

*/[3b)  please also feel free to translate this text into your native 
tongue!] /*

4)    continue your recording for /AT LEAST/ two minutes after you have 
finished speaking
5)   post the recording to us on any format, or send us an mp3


drop a note to info at frameworkradio.net to be added to or removed from 
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