[microsound-announce] administrivia

John Saylor johns at or8.net
Tue Oct 26 11:18:43 EDT 2010

hello subscribers

i just cleaned the queue for microsound-announce, and a lot of the stuff
in there was in one of 3 categores:

- too large [over 40k]
- implicit destination [bcc]
- too many recipients

these conditions are imposed by the software that sends the mail
[mailman], but i think they are good ones.

so if you want to make sure your announcement goes to
microsound-announce, please follow these rules:

- keep below 40k [use links instead of including images]
- don't put a bcc on it
- i don't know what the limit is on recipients [but you can prolly find
  it by looking on the network for mailman config documents], but if you
  have too many, it will sit in the queue until i get to it [which is
  irregular and rarely]

in the words of theremin virtuoso clara rockmore, "less is more."

\js    |-!)-         +[$-|         '/%?!     !http://or8.net/~johns
iraq body count: 98,585 [min] 107,594 [max] 

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