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Diapason call for Residencies

Composers, sound artists, and other qualified individuals are invited to
submit proposals for working residencies utilizing Diapason's multi-channel
sound environment.

Diapason has two state-of-the-art multi channel sound systems (described
below). Interested persons are invited to submit proposals for the use of
the space to create a new work. Dates and times are flexible. Residents will
receive a technical orientation, access to the space, and production
assistance should they require it.

Description of the space:

Diapason consists of two rooms:

The “gallery” contains a powerful 8 channel sound system with a subwoofer
and is designed for focused listening. The floor is carpeted and there are
pillows available as well as some seating (cushioned benches, folding

The “lounge” contains a 12 channel sound system, as well as a 4 channel PA
system. It is set up in an informal way, with benches, chairs, carpets, etc.
ranged around the space.

The multi-channel sound systems are connected to MOTU 896 (gallery) and 828
(lounge) audio interfaces. Resident artists are expected to bring a laptop
with the necessary drivers.

There are 2 sets of track lights in each room. The number and position of
the individual lights can be adjusted.

For artists working with video, there are projection options.

It is possible to use the walls for displaying objects, but this must be
approved by the gallery.


Submissions to participate are due by Friday, July 1, 2010.

Submission process:

All submissions and contact will be by email.

Send an email to diapason.info at gmail.com that includes the following
information in the body:

Your contact information (Name, Email Address, Phone Number)

A project description

A brief bio/artist statement

Links to online samples of your works

NOTE: Please do not attach any work-samples or documents.  All work samples
must be available online, and all information must be submitted in the body
of the email.

Diapason is a listening space that gives artists and audiences the
opportunity to make and experience sound art. Through the exploration of
active and varied modes of listening Diapason seeks to engage artists and
the public in a dialogue about the place of contemporary music and sound
practice in a broader cultural context. For artists, both established and
emerging, Diapason provides a space at once accessible and technologically
advanced, fostering the creation of unique works that investigate the
implications of new sound practices. For audiences Diapason provides an
optimal listening environment and access to artists, encouraging personal
exploration of one’s relationship to sound and listening.

http://www.diapasongallery.org Diapason is supported by NYSCA, the New York
City Department of Cultural Affairs, the Phaedrus Foundation, the Foundation
for Contemporary Performance Arts, MediaThe Foundation, The Trust for Mutual
Understanding, Kirk Radke, and by generous individuals. Diapason is a
501(c)3 organization.
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