[microsound-announce] SB - Tweet Digest #3 // A Spoerri Table! - live in Brussels

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Wed May 5 01:50:34 EDT 2010

... && ... * Start 'Learning Squirrels To Read A Poem', (podcast) with the online free-form scores of Jason Freeman's 'Piano Etudes' ......&& ... ** Read about serendipity lurking in every corner of the Amsterdam Mediamatic Bank, during last week's 24 hour Music Hack Day, where a LastFM/zazzle hack led to an awesome photograph  ...[ permalink : http://harsmedia.com/SoundBlog/Archief/00724.php ]
&& ... LIVE! :Friday May 7th A Table! plays their 2010 re-construction of Daniel Spoerri's 1961 Carcassonne Table in: Brussels (Belgium), at Place Van Meenen 34, 1060 Sint Gillis, 22h - 00h
&&... NEW ARTIST BOOK! :Harold Schellinx - Re: table. Rezzing Daniel Spoerri's 1961 Carcassonne Table(Knust/Extrapool, Nijmegen 2010). Out now!  Limited numbered edition - €15
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