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Two new releases are out now!
One by Roel Meelkop and the other by the duo Birgit Ulher + Gregory Büttner.

Also available from our shop:
“Kleine Versammlung mit Geistern + 1 Hund” book by Stefanie Becker & Gregory

You can order directly from the 1000füssler shop:

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1000füssler / Gregory

more infos:

NEW !!!!
'Grey Mass / Grey Matter'
2 x 3“CDR, (2 x 21:20 min),
100 copies / DIN A5 cardboard cover, one CDR on each side.
1000füssler 014, release date: February 2010

grey mass 4‘09
grey mass 3‘56
grey mass 13‘13

grey matter 8‘34
grey matter 4‘48
grey matter 7‘56

The tracks on 'grey mass / grey matter' have come together in a very
satisfying way. They were all concieved as single tracks except one and were
composed with quite some time intervals inbetween. Now they converge on this
release as if they have always belonged together. In a sense that is
certainly the case, because the essence of these tracks lies in their
concrete origins: all sound material is based on recorded sounds. No
electronic sounds whatsoever were added. As if in some mysterious way this
can be percieved and it should indeed be noted. Or maybe it should just be
enjoyed?. (Roel Meelkop, 2010)

Roel Meelkop (1963) studied visual arts and art theory at the Willem de
Kooning Academy in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. During a post-graduate course
at the same academy he decided to dedicate his work to sound and music. His
musical activities date back to the early eighties when he started THU20,
together with Jac van Bussel, Peter Duimelinks, Jos Smolders and Guido
Doesborg. THU20 have released several tapes and CD‘s and performed regularly
in Europe. His other activities include working with Kapotte Muziek and GOEM
and organising sound events, mostly in Rotterdam. Aside from releases,
Meelkop also creates site-specific sound installations and performance
pieces in collaboration with other artists.
more info: http://www.1000fussler.com/seiten/releases.html
please listen: http://www.1000fussler.com/music/grey_matter1_excerpt.mp3
please listen: http://www.1000fussler.com/music/grey_mass3_excerpt.mp3

NEW !!!!
3“CDR, (19:38 min), 100 copies, foto cover
1000füssler 015, release date: February 2010

Birgit Ulher: trumpet, speakers, mutes / Gregory Büttner: computer

Tehr: 7‘33
Eri: 5‘36
Rix: 6‘01

Gregory Büttner plays sounds from a computer through various small speakers,
which Birgit Ulher uses as mutes for her trumpet. This way the trumpet
sounds and the electroacoustic sounds are modulated by the acoustic
resonance chamber of the trumpet. The trumpet is simultaneously a
transmitter and a receiver.

Birgit Ulher studied the visual arts, which still has an important influence
on her music. Since the early eighties she has been involved in free
improvisation and experimental music.Since then she has ‚established a
distinguished grammar of sounds beyond the open trumpet sound
‘ (jazzdimensions.de). Her work includes solo-performances, as well as
dance-projects, beside her working-groups she plays often in occasional /
once only groupings and collaborates with improvisers all over Europe and
Current projects include the solo project ‚Radio Silence No More‘, duos with
Ute Wassermann, Gino Robair, Damon Smith, Heiner Metzger, Gregory Büttner,
Nordzucker (with Lars Scherzberg and Michael Maierhof) and the trio with Lou
Mallozzi and Michael Zerang.

Gregory Büttner studied communication design in Hamburg, with a
specialization in audiovisual work. Since 2000 he got his focus on soundart
and electroacoustic compositions. In 2004 he launched his label 1000fussler
which releases experimental music in small editions. In 2001 he founded his
duo für diesen abend together with Stefan Funck and often accompanied by
visuals from Katrin Bethge (overhead-projections). He works together with
artists like Rhodri Davies, Birgit Ulher, Chris Heenan, et al.. His music
released by labels like 1000füssler, Firework Edition,
Anthropometrics/Aufabwegen, Grünrekorder, Compost and Height.

more info: http://www.1000fussler.com/seiten/releases.html
please listen: http://www.1000fussler.com/music/Tehr_excerpt.mp3
please listen: http://www.1000fussler.com/music/Eri_excerpt.mp3

NEW !!!!
Kleine Versammlung mit Geistern + 1 Hund
small talk with some ghosts + 1 dog
book (Din A4, 48 pages, digi-print) by Stefanie Becker & Gregory Büttner.

A collaboration. 30 clusters of pictures taken from Gregory Büttner’s
collection of historical amateur photographs combined with photographs by
Stefanie Becker.

You can order directly from the 1000füssler shop:

the 1000füssler says thanks for your advertency.



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