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Tools manipulated in an old workshop, clocks slowed down, the spinning wheel
of a rusty bike, children playing near a church, the sound of the wind in
Norfolk, climbing up the stairs in a disused windmill, ghost echoes. Those
are some sounds that constitute the atmosphere of The Silent Watcher.
Presented in their raw form or heavily processed, they all relate to old
memories, often blurred and incomplete; the aural equivalent of a faded
polaroid. From field recordings, layers are created, manipulated, taken
apart and rebuilt and soon begin to tell a story - a story often buried
under droney textures and fragmented melodies and only partially revealed,
but more often distorted and reconstructed.

This album has been made over a period of two years, a time period in which
the process has slowly taken shape and mutated, often leading to beautiful
accidents and unexpected results patiently collated and recycled. It is also
the story of a work in progress and a craft being learned, where many
compositional methods have been explored.



Artwork by Frank Meyer @  <http://gusti-boucher.deviantart.com/>

Mastering by Taylor Deupree @  <http://12kmastering.com/> 12kmastering.com


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