[microsound-announce] CONTENTS ONDA SONORA RADIO 13-02-10

Onda Sonora Radio ondasonoraradio at yahoo.es
Tue Feb 16 17:37:26 EST 2010

ONDA SONORA (Experimental Radio Sessions), Madrid (ES)
·Radio Círculo de Bellas Artes 100.4 FM
Saturdays. 01h. www.circulobellasartes.com
www.ondasonoraradio.com· Listen any time http://www.artesonoro.org/archives/category/artesonororadio/radio_ondasonora



01. NICOLASH (Live in La Faena. 18-02-10. 20:30h)
Track: Parra Auskar / Fricka Under The Clouds
Album: Nicolage I
Label: For Noise's Sake / Fater Disks

02. U.S. GIRLS (Live in La Faena. 18-02-10. 20:30h)
Track: Turn Around Time / Sleeping On Glass / I Don't Have a Mind of my Own / A Day at the Races / Autro / You Know It Makes Me Blue / Don't Understand That Man / Forward Troubles Asia
Album: Go Grey / Gravel Days / Bits + Pieces / Introducing... U.s.. Girls
Label: Siltbreeze / Not Not Fun

03. QA’A
Track: Peeling Off / She Provides / Chi'en
Album: Chi'en
Label: Màgia Roja

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