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SoundBlog :: February 05, 2010 [#347]
Landscape with Trains (Audiotoop [ii])

About Alessandro Bosetti's The Pool and the Soup, a guided spoken improvisation
(as performed october last year at Extrapool in Nijmegen), which actually reminded me of Diktat.
That same day at Extrapool there were Jason Zeh and Ben Gwilliam, the view of
whose BromBron table suddenly beamed me back to the very early 1960s, peeking
around the door of a small room in the flat of friends of my parents.
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SoundBlog :: February 04, 2010 [#346]
Médium Hang Esztétika

The first part of the ongoing study on EAI as a metalanguage, that, together with
Rébus, I embarked upon a couple of years ago, just recently was published as part
of an Hungarian book called Médium Hang Esztétika - Zeneiség a mediális
technológiák korában. (That Google-translates: "Medium Sound Aesthetics -
Performance in the medial age of technology". )
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