[microsound-announce] pertin-nce releases on bandcamp.com ...

Max & Mark expe at madicoinc.com
Fri Dec 17 11:23:56 EST 2010


You can now buy the following releases on bandcamp.com (for a cheap price)

[pertin_22] bleupulp - post summer life
[pertin_23] dubloop - eupho
[pertin_28] maxime tanguay - no-dess-peca
[pertin_37] emmanuel buchanan - revised point of view

check out : 


next releases to come : 

[pertin_41] ici.eme - ville (bandcamp, beatport & wasabeat)

and on various and uneasy (pertin-nce's sub label)

[vau009] maxime tanguay - music for board games (free)
[vau010] iriXx - in shadows and in light (free)


peace out!


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