[microsound-announce] Piksel video report: Sonification of IT censorship technologies

Marco Donnarumma devel at thesaddj.com
Fri Dec 17 10:10:26 EST 2010

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Dear all,
Piksel team just released a full video of my recent presentation in Norway
for Piksel 2010.
The talk focused on the current state of IT censorship technologies and a
related sonification work titled Golden Shield Music (

If it could be of interest, please check the video at:


Piksel team published many other videos related to the exhibition,
performances and presentations hosted at Piksel 2010.
You'll find many interesting projects on the Piksel blip.tv channel at:


(among the other projects you will also find the full video of UKI – a viral
performance by Shu Lea Cheang with Martin Howse.
Sonicscape with participation of Piksel10 artists Oscar Martin Correa, Marco
Donnarumma, Joachim Montessuis, Alejandra Perez, Eleonora Oreggia, Julien

Best wishes,

Marco Donnarumma aka TheSAD
Independent New Media Arts Professional, Performer, Teacher
Ongoing MSc by Research, University of Edinburgh, UK

PORTFOLIO: http://marcodonnarumma.com
LAB: http://www.thesaddj.com | http://cntrl.sourceforge.net |
EVENT: http://www.liveperformersmeeting.net
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