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*Sneak preview of the COMPOSING WITH PROCESS 2.2 Exclusives by Marcus
Schmicker and EVOL:* http://bit.ly/gG9eU4

Soon available online.
02:00 Marcus Schmickler 'RR 0' (Revolving Realities #0), 2010 (23:43) *

'RR 00' is an excerpt from a collaborative auto-reactive light and sound
installation that was premiered on 19th January 2010 in Cologne. The sound
component is the sonification of astrophysical data and the simulation of
dynamic systems.

The installation consisted of computer controlled electro-luminescent wires,
quasi-spherical light projections and 10.2 channel audio. The light
installation, its custom controllers and the light projections were created
by Cologne-based group Interpalazzo. Schmickler created various musical
parts especially for this collaborative work. 'RR 0' is the process running
at sunset before dark, after which the light installation becomes visible.

The piece was originally conceived for 'The Bonn Patternization' - which
explores the sonification of astrophysical data. The basis of 'The Bonn
Patternization' consists of readings for different stars, star clusters and
galaxies, as well as their properties such as light, distance and
coordinates. In addition, sounds are generated from systems that
arithmetically simulate astronomically relevant phenomena such as the
interaction between celestial bodies due to gravitation.

The process underlying 'RR 0' simulates the behavior of objects or clusters
of objects in a gravity field. It is based on a visual embodiment primarily
implemented in Supercollider by Fredrik Olofsson and reworked into a
Subtractive Synthesis application with the help of Alberto de Campo.
25:41 EVOL 'Untitled Anthem Study', 2010 (12:37) *

After reading Benoît Mandelbrot's 1982 *The Fractal Geometry of Nature* in
1998, Roc Jiménez de Cisneros became fascinated with self-similarity and
iterated function systems and their possible application to musical
structures.This piece, which was finished a few days after Mandelbrot's
death in the fall of 2010, uses several synthesis models originally written
for *Rave Slime* (ALKU, 2010) in combination with a recursive algorithm that
was used in the composition *Fart Synthesis* (Presto!?, 2009).

The piece is one of many studies realised in the research process started in
late 2008 to combine rave-inspired sounds with generative algorithms to
explore particle physics concepts such as configuration spaces, parameter
permutations and phase spaces.
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