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Wed Dec 8 07:28:01 EST 2010

Hi all,
my latest audio-release made with Pure-data

*Noish~ ::”AQHG”::…> UZUCDR-10 *

Coded, edited and mixed at Txcucrut Studio Bcn.
Field recordings, synthesis, diy software pure data
Experimental generative techniques for de-composing.
Graphic ///lcpino///


Uzusounds >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>http://www.uzusounds.com
Net//Cdr label managed by Aurel {zorei}, where you can find people like
Kenji Siratori,
Phroq / Francisco Meirino,Manuel Knapp & Tim Blechmann, the tropicals
fish(s) of the
bilbao’s RIA “”Mubles””,and more..

full download here: http://www.archive.org/details/noish_aqhg

This is a free work, you can copy, distribute, and modify it
under the terms of Yves Degoyon's license


the noise published here can be studied,
modified, used by anyone that
provides all the original credits
and sources in derivative projects.

there are restrictions on its use,
it cannot be used for :

* military amd/or repressive use
* commercial installations and products
* any project that promotes : racism, nationalism, xenophobia, sexism,
homophobia, religious hatred or missionarism .. ( expandable list)

this is not a standard license.




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