[microsound-announce] The last round of films on the Streaming Festival - 4th edition

U.S.O. Project unidentified.sound.object at gmail.com
Mon Nov 30 11:28:19 EST 2009

*InharmoniCity by **U.S.O. Project and **Selfish

**There are places where consciousness and matter coexist. Perhaps they
share the same origin.
We learn that collective consciousness is shared among human beings,
dynamically redistributing itself via unknown processes.
It permeates objects themselves and contributes to reality in its entirety.
We can perceive only a small part due to our biological nature and our tools
for scientific research.
Trailer InharmoniCity
Interview with Selfish and USO

Play InharmoniCity<http://www.streamingfestival.com/player/index.php?play=film&f=002_InharmoniCity_Selfish-and-USO-Project.flv&d=16&program=Shifting_art>
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