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Auricular Records Launches New Label Ambit Din With Two Inaugural Releases

New Division to Explore The Realm of Field Recordings, Soundscapes and Acousmatics

April 16, 2009 - In celebration of the 20 year history
of Auricular Records, the experimental/soundart record label announces
the launch of our sister label, Ambit Din. With this new label
Auricular Records aims to explore and provide a vehicle for the release
of a new canvas of soundart focused on field recordings.
The first two releases on Ambit Din are Massimo Polveraccio's (mp)
project Urban Soundscapes and Markus Jones' project Sympathetic
Vibration (Prolongation of Sound By Reflection). Both titles will be
available through popular online digital distribution channels (iTunes,
eMusic, Rhapsody, and Napster), however a CDr can be ordered directly
from Ambit Din. The CDr issues are enhanced CDrs which contain the
audio portion of the project as well as supporting digital text,
photographs and additonal media materials as well as mp3 files of all

Urban Soundscapes


The basic sound materials were collected around the world during
previous trips and were subsequently modified using Audacity and
Reasons 3.0. The sounds to the extent possible have not been treated or
altered. They have been processed through a sampler (NN-XT Advanced
Sampler) and with a equalizer (MClass) In one or two cases the artist
added some basic reverb.
Each of the pieces (all approx 3 minutes in length) represents
a place in time and in space and intends to make the listeners aware of
the effect of sound and the space that surround us. The interaction
between these two elements (sound and space) is something we normally
do not notice, but it is something that accompanies us throughout our

About /mp>

Massimo Polveraccio (MP) is Italian and lives in Toronto, Canada. He is
not a musician, never learned music, but he likes to describe himself
as a sound designer. He has been playing with his computer for years
and finally was able to come up with something that seemed to address
his interest for aesthetic and quiet listening. Massimo had previously
published an EP titled "turning pages" which can be downloaded for free
from www.sinewaves.it. 

Sympathetic Vibrations (Prolongation of Sound By Reflection)

A project by Markus Jones

Markus Jones began collecting sound spring 2007, wandering around
campus; armed with a number of small recording devices, recording the
most noticeable sounds he could possibly hear. Once he started to
playback the sounds, he found himself gravitating towards the smaller
sounds or those that might otherwise be overlooked i.e. the faint sound
of the electricity in the wall, the water running through the pipes
etc. He shortly returned armed with a number of contact microphones
this enabled him to attach devices to the walls, windows, pipes and
just about anything else he could lay his hands on, picking up every
possible microscopic sound. In addition to microphones used an
electromagnetic coil to collect sound through electronic frequencies
emanating from such devices as mobile phones, radio microphones and
when near a location using a number of electronic devices i.e. an IT
room; Jones managed to pick up little sections of slightly distorted
conversation between the staff and students. 

About Markus Jones
Markus Jones (b.1973) Designer
of sound and phonographer, educated at the RNCM and the University of
York, in both composition and electroacoustics.
Largely focusing on site- specific and installation work by simply
offsetting our normal perceptions. Given that the aim is to replicate a
subjective experience of the surrounding sonic environment, collecting
sound based on its original origin before twisting it into an
interpretation of the original source. 

About Ambit Din

Ambit Din is a small independent label focused on exploring the broad
realm of field recordings. There are four separate divisions to Ambit
Din in order to properly classify the releases: 

   ethnikos - a way to document oral presentations and ethnomusicology

    naturae - aimed at the collection of environmental recordings and bioacoustics

    envirounen - audio documentation of environments such as workplaces and cityscapes

    arte - avant-garde, experimental and ambient music projects utilizing field recordings as the source material

Ambit Din plans to release a small number of compilations that
include recordings from each categorization together to serve as an
overall introduction to the label. Releases will be limited, hand
numbered editions. We are also releasing full length individual
projects. We are actively seeking artists interested in participating -
anyone interested can contact Ambit Din through Auricular Records at
info at auricular.com or read over our submission guidelines.
Upcoming releases for the summer of 2009 on Ambit Din include an enhanced CDr of material by:
 Brad Brace - including photo journal and sounds from Brad's Islands projects

 The Amber Tapes - a CD and 40 page limited edition hardbound book of photos and designs to accompany the works
 Ambit Din Volume 1 - A compilation of sample tracks by
artists on The Ambiut Din label as well as a few extra "friends"
exclusive works especially for this release

Contact Information

Visit Ambit Din online at http://www.ambitdin.com

Follow us on Twitter at http://twitter.com/auricular

For additional information contact us at info at auricular.com
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