[microsound-announce] New ALKU releases: EVOL 10", Mark Fell / EVOL tape

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ALKU is proud to present 2 new releases:

'Punani Xerrameca'
(ALKU 85) 10" vinyl.

Two pieces for solo computer edited from live recordings at:
Superdeluxe, Tokyo, 12.01.08
Fylkingen, Stockholm, 26.02.08
CAPC, Bordeaux, 24.05.08
SND Studios, Sheffield, 03.12.08

Key words: simulated speech synthesis, fractals, algorithmic composition,
Contains 2 locked grooves.

– Mark Fell / EVOL
'Thunder Bollocks'
(ALKU 71) Split cassette.

Part two of the Fell / EVOL collaborative split trilogy.
Limited edition available in orange and purple tapes, in a clear case.
2 tracks, 60 minutes.


– LESS-LETHAL, vol. 2
A compilation about subliminal messages, sound weapons and mind control
featuring tracks by The Anti-Group, Wobbly, Antoine Chessex, The Bran
Flakes, Dave Phillips, Batch totem, Gijs Gieskes, Government Alpha, Pato,
Gert-Jan Prins, KK Null, Kotra, Maricarmen Caballero, Mark Fell, plus bonus
binaural beats.

– The League of Automatic Music Composers, 'Archive' Flash drive.
1 GB USB drive full of archival recordings by the legendary San
Francisco computer music group, formed by John Bischoff, Jim Horton,
Tim Perkis, Paul DeMarinis, Rich Gold and David Behrman between 1977
and 1983. Classic! Tons of it!

Find more info on the ALKU site:
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