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SoundBlog :: July 20th, 2009 [#320] __ GENERAL ACOUSTICS

Last saturday Rébus phoned up, and asked C. and me to come over to the La G. space in the avenue Parmentier,
have an apéro, and test the acoustics of this fine early 20th century industrial building.
After the drinks we set into an impromptu rendering of ookoi's "Winterland Aria", the atmosphere of which was
quite remarkably captured by Rébus in this here uTube ...
[ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7VErHDMmvJY ]
(Curious fait divers: yesterday uTube gave nothing but Schoenberg, Berg and Webern stuff in its list of 'related
videos'. Today it's the Sex Pistols ... :-) ...)
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SoundBlog :: July 21st, 2009 [#321] __ SCHIZOPHONIC CABARETS @ LES VOÛTES [i]

I set out to do a write-up on the Schizophonic Cabaret with and around Pascal Comelade, a couple of weeks ago
in the Parisian Les Voûtes, organized by Vert Pituite. But then I found myself drifting off reminiscing on the
2003/04 series of la belle soirées, and dug up one (1) remaining shrinkwrapped copy of a historical document.
For the highest bidder ...
More on Comelade, My Favorite Sideburns and (!) Faust in a next post ...
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Have a great day!
__ Harold Schellinx

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