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Instants Chavires, Montreuil - France

I live very near to the Instants Chavires and have rehearsed there  
several times,
played there on 3 or 4 occassions and have seen many concerts in this  
venue over the years.
What is happening in Sarkozy's France is often depolorable, and these  
the 'crisis' is often the easiest excuse to use when cutting budgets,  
often in the arts - and especially those of an experimlental nature.

At Aligre Fm  (93.1 Fm Paris), both 'Songs of Praise' and my program  
'Audiometric' will be welcoming
the team of the Instants Cahavires to speak about their situation and  
organise a petition
about these cut backs in Septembre when Parisien's are back in town.
The new Mayor of Montreuil, Dominique Voynet (the green party) doesnot  
seem to understand
the international reputation that this small venue in Montreuilhas, nor  
the necessity to keep it open and running.

There has been a series of police violence in Montreuil this last week  
as well. Armand Gatty's grandson, Joachim Gatty a 34 year old  
film-maker lost an eye due to abuse of the police's "self-defense"  
weapon known as the Flashball. The atmosphere in Montreuil has taken a  
very nasty turn these last three months.

There is an interesting film here for those interested, though far from  

Black Sifichi


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