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SoundBlog :: July 18th, 2009 [#319]

Over the weekend of july 11/12th I joined a swarm ofdigital music hackers that, on the occasion of the London Music Hack Day, occupied the first floor of the brand new offices of the Guardian near King's Cross, for a full and busy 32 hours in-one-stretch. I crossed the Channel for one of the workshops that were part of the event, the one that was held by deferred form and inter/re/active music prophets RjDj, who - after all these years - managed to provide me with a great excuse for learning PD. It was with the help of RjDj's Florian and Frank, that within less than 24 hours, early sunday afternoon I had a bèta version of ookoi's ShakeNRoll up and running on the iPhone ... Pure Image _ Pure Sound _ Pure Data ... It makes a lot of sense ... [ read more __ ]...More to come _  follow @ookoi
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--Have a wonderful weekend!__ Harold Schellinx
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