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Hi there,

An exceptional new release available July 15th from CMR, be in quick,  
it's an ultra small run. Orders via paypal, cheque etc. Contact me  
for orders and info on (note this is not my paypal address):      
rf at richardfrancis.net.nz



CMR24: Nest  -  Double Lathe-cut LP
Double Lathe-cut LP
4 x 20min sides
Edition of 33 in silk screened, white card gatefold jackets with insert
Price NZ$55.00

Nest is a moebius strip consisting of NZers Andrew Scott (mostly  
guitar) and Nigel Wright (mostly laptop).  Scott plays guitar which  
Wright uses as raw material for creating real-time sound environments  
in which the guitar can move, the chosen path of the guitar laying  
the groundwork for the next sonic environment created by the computer  
to which the guitar reacts to in turn. Hence Nest attempts to  
circumvent traditional modes of improvisation, by creating a human  
feedback loop in which the players play not so much their  
instruments, but rather each other – a loop which finds the players  
relating not TO each other, but rather THROUGH each other. Ever  
inwards. Nest is concerned with principals of balance and dissolution  
of the individual ego.  Nest attempts to work as a unified organism,  
dissolving the contributions of the individual into an amorphous  
evolving sound object. Nest sets processes in motion and lets them  
run their course. Nest trusts sound completely.

Nest has previously self-released collaborations with MHFS and Tim  
Coster in small CDR editions. This LP is their first release as an  
unaccompanied duo. Wright lives in Auckland, New Zealand where he  
performs solo and in the duo Cathedrals (with Tim Coster). Scott  
currently resides in Los Angeles, California where he works in the  
duo Metal Rouge with Helga Fassonaki. He works solo under the name Un  
Ciego and in the duos Golden Krone (with Rohan Evans) and Huzun (with  
Tim Coster).


Richard Francis
41 New North Road, Eden Terrace
Auckland 1021, New Zealand
rf at richardfrancis.net.nz

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