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As part of the New York Society of Acoustic Ecology, I'm hosting this
month's Giant Ear))), a two hour internet radio program on free103point9.
The program consists of soundscape compositions and other music that
incorporates field recordings from artists who live in and around Buenos
Aires, Argentina. Here are the program notes-->please forward this to anyone
who might be interested.


Giant Ear))) July 2008

Buenos Aires

Sundays in July

7-9pm EST

on free103point9


hosted by:

Todd Shalom

New York Society of Acoustic Ecology



Program Notes:


Adrián Juárez y Juan José Calarco -- "Tierra Abierta"

Pablo Reche -- "Ciudad"

Icha Lohn -- Untitled

Luciano Marino -- Untitled

yY (Leandro Barzabal y José de Diego) y Tatala (Todd Shalom) play La Plata
Bus Station

Brief interview with Anla Courtis (aka Alan Courtis, Alna Courtis)

Anla Courtis -- "Geyser Music"

Anla plays his house for us

Anla Courtis -- "Heavy Puna 1 & 2"

Leandro Barzabal, Xavier Charles, Leonel Kaplan y Jean Pallandre -- 5
selections from "Patagonia"

José de Diego -- Untitled

Sebastian Pappalardo -- "Timebender"

Todd Shalom -- "Onceopolis"

Aldo Benítez -- "tomasliberti_apartment_night_ventiladordetecho"
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