[Microsound-announce] things i've said in my sleep

Mike Hallenbeck junior at juniorbirdman.com
Wed Jul 2 13:28:12 EDT 2008

Dear friends,

Hope you're well. Info follows on stuff going on in Portland and
cyberspace both. You might be new to this list; just give a holler if you
don't want to receive these emails anymore.

My new headphone installation "Things I've Said in My Sleep" will be
featured in the group exhibition "Overkill #2". The piece features
vocalizations of my own transcribed sleeptalk, as well as manipulations of
a music box and clinking glasses, plus a binaural recording of Tompkins
Square Park in NYC.

The show opens July 4th at Jace Gace, Portland OR's premier purveyor of
Belgian waffles, ales, and art (the art's not necessarily Belgian, but the
waffles and ales are). Runs until July 27th. Jace Gace is at 2045 SE

Chalres Gillett asked me to submit some music for a collaboration in
absentia with the Minneapolis improvisational collective Brown Rainbow. I
recorded myself whistling, took the sounds apart and put them back
together again. I call the the resulting composition "Featherweight",
though it's assembled using randomly overlapping layers of playback and
thus only one of countless possible iterations of the piece.

You can hear "Featherweight" on the Archive myspace page:

And you can hear Nate Cutlan, Charles Gillett, Amy Myrbo, and (also in
absentia) Andrew Lafkas improvising with the piece, which they hadn't
heard previously, on a recent page of Brown Rainbow recordings-- it's
track #5, "Court-Ordered Psychiatric Evaluation".

Coming soon: Seth Nehil's bike music on the waterfront, Project X with
Hand2Mouth Theatre Company in Seattle, Monster Mashup, and plenty more.
Stay tuned, and-- perhaps most importantly-- stay frosty.

Mike Hallenbeck

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