[Microsound-announce] Palimpsesto - New Release+ Upcoming Performances in Spain

Thanos Chrysakis azimuths at freenet.co.uk
Sat Feb 23 14:16:11 EST 2008


I'm more than pleased to announce that there is
a new release available from Aural Terrains. 

Palimpsesto is the result of real-time compositions (in other words
improvisations); a palimpsest of interwoven sonorities and aural
structurings, based on two classes of sounds, electronic, and percussive
Is music but a palimpsest in the air? A moment to moment of writing and
erasing different temporal layers? A coexistence of what we have
accumulated, and how we relate, and respond to the instruments and to each
other, in the course of a musical encounter? If I was to describe this CD
with two words, I would prefer to call it a coloured palimpsest.


next week me and Dario are heading for
performances and recordings in Barcelona
and Madrid (for those in these cities)

störung - festival of electronic and experimental music
ciclo de conciertos störung (Feb 08) 28.02.2008 - 21:30h Farinera del Clot -
Art Gallery CRUCE
4.03.08, 20:30h, Madrid, 
Doctor Fourquet 5, 28012, 
tel: 00 34 91 528 77 83 
e-mail: cruce at inicia.es

Very Best regards,

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