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For any microsounders who may have known of his work...

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I am saddened passing on the following news from Brian Belet about former
ICMA president Allen Strange.

Mara Helmuth


Message to the greater electro-acoustic community --

It is with sadness that I inform you all that Allen Strange died this past
Wednesday, 20 February 2008, in a Seattle hospital. To many of us, Allen was
a dear friend, musical mentor, and artistic co-conspirator. For all of us he
created waves that influenced how we think about and create our own music.
He approached all of his activities with a wonderful balance of focused
dedication and child-like playfulness. We hear this in his music, we taste
this in his cooking, we find this in the layout of his studio, and we read
this in his writings.

The passage of time will illuminate his deep impact on the development of
American music in the late twentieth century, and we will have the luxury to
consider how he influenced our lives and our work. For now, we have suffered
a great loss. I ask us all to send out our best thoughts, intentions, and
music to his spirit as he moves on, and to also send our love and support to
Pat and their daughters Robin and Erin.

Pat is planning a celebration of Allen¹s life, which will occur at a later
date in the Seattle area, with a second event here in the San Jose area.
Details will be available in time for those who are interested. Stephen
Ruppenthal, composer/performer/poet and a long-time friend of the family, is
writing the official obituary for the ONY Times¹, so that publication will
carry more details shortly.

With Allen¹s interest in myth and legend, I observed the full moon rising in
eclipse Wednesday night, quickly diminishing into our planetary shadow, and
then slowly reemerging into its full luminosity as it arced across our sky
to set with the dawn. Farewell, Allen, I miss you terribly.
- Brian Belet Allen Strange
b. Calexico, CA, 26 June 1943
d. Seattle, WA, 20 February 2008

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