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Mon Sep 17 20:48:06 EDT 2007

mike khoury/will soderberg... volume ii: demons of noon
cdr (wrn-13o 2oo7)
-recorded in early 2oo7 at the dawn of sound reinforcement during midday sessions... hardworking acoustic violin versus broken turntable, signal processing, softsynths and micromoog... some copies include very limited edition fabric packaging...

will soderberg... soderality with ringers
cdr (wrn-131 2oo7)
-with james cornish, curtis glatter, ryan oppermann... recorded may/june 2oo7... produced by will soderberg... cornish's gypsy jazzzzz phraseology winding over backdrops of pulsing doppelganger basso (provided by novi's favorite son and savant-ghoul) and inventive deer borne percussives by way of san kali-frag-iego ... while will closed his eyes and self-induced flashbacks of delirious dreaming...

$8 postpaid in north amerika
(international orders please email for shipping) (mp3s) (catalog) (recent & upcoming shows)

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