[Microsound-announce] sGA workshop and concert

Jules Rawlinson jules.rawlinson at gmail.com
Thu Oct 11 06:42:48 EDT 2007

Dear microsounders

Over the past 3 days, Sound Designers and Digital Composers from  
Edinburgh University have been working with Kim (Cascone) as part of  
his Simple Genetic Algorithm workshop tour...

Starting from a microsound-list donated library of field recordings,  
files were mated, spliced and mutated (processed) over 5 generations  
to create a new genepool for performance.

The performance took the form of tag-team improvisation within and  
between 2 laptop quartets and 1 laptop trio facing off over 3 stereo  
pairs placed roughly at points of a triangle... given that 11 people  
were involved the results are remarkably coherent!

Here's a binaural recording of the concert (thanks to Martin Parker  





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