[Microsound-announce] new release: ROEL MEELKOP (Kapotte Muziek/Goem/THU20) CD

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CD, full colour digipak
release date: 05.10.2007
title: ‘5(zwischenfaelle)’
order no.: aatp18, time: 55:23 min, 500 copies, artwork by Akifumi Nakajima
price: 13,00 euros plus postage

5(zwischenfaelle) is the latest release by dutch electronic musician ROEL
MELLKOP. It is a special release in Meelkop’s catalogue because it is
consist of five piece that were originally used in the context of sound
installations running over a certain period of time in specific special
surroundings. For 5(zwischenfaelle) Meelkop has set himself the task to
compress these soundscapes into five dense and still minimal audio pieces
that could work outside the context of the original installations.
5(zwischenfaelle) is focussed on single sound events and stark beautiful
dynamic movements in a certain area of sound and does not have the
bruitistic research-like feel of other solo works by Meelkop.
5(zwischenfaelle) makes for concentrated unpolished ultra minimal listening
with maximum effect. For all friends of Bernhard Günter, Francisco Lopez,
Joe Colley/Crawl Unit or Marc Behrens this is a definite work!

Roel Meelkop (Tegelen, NL, 1963) studied sculpture and painting at Academie
van Beeldende Kunsten in Rotterdam, NL. He graduated in 1990 and in the
years after that he concentrated mainly on painting. Five years later, he
decided to expand his views on art and philosophy and applied for a
postgraduate course at the same academy. He graduated from this course in
1997. By then, Meelkop had abandoned painting altogether in favour of
working with sound. Before this he had already been working with THU20 on
experimental sound collages and electronic music. This practice was extended
and now includes sound installations and performances as well.
Nowadays, Meelkop regularly plays live performances around the world, either
solo, or with one of the three musical projects he is involved with: THU20
(musique concrete), Kapotte Muziek (electro-acoustic music) or GOEM
(electronic music). His solo music is a unique combination of the
aforementioned styles. Besides his live activities, Meelkop has a long list
of releases to show for his creativity and productivity in the studio.
Another area of interest for Meelkop is sound in space. The relation between
space and sound and the unique artistic possibilities this offers have urged
him to create several installations, not only in exhibition spaces, but also
in public spaces. Most of these installations are created specifically for
the spaces that will hold them and are based on Meelkop's impressions from
these spaces. In most cases the work is not visual but auditory, thus
expanding the existing space in a way that visual art will never achieve.
Central issue in these installations is the experience of space and time at
a specific place and time. Aside from his artistic activities, Meelkop is
also active as organiser, curator and programmer of contemporary sound art
and electronic music in Rotterdam, NL and as a reviewer for the email
magazine Vital Weerkly.

this is also the address where the cd can be ordered from. more info has our
mailorder site at www.aufabwegen.com or zipo at aufabwegen.com. Wholesale
requests welcome!

a u f a b w e g e n
p.o.box 100152
50441 cologne

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