[Microsound-announce] Sound Edition of Offscreen

Randolph Jordan randolph at soppybagrecords.net
Sun Oct 7 20:04:47 EDT 2007

Dear microsound people,

I have just finished editing a special issue of the online journal  
Offscreen dedicated to "Sound in the Cinema and Beyond."  There are  
contributions from a couple members of the microsound list, amoung  
many others.  The issue features essays on film sound, visual music,  
audiovisual performance, soundscape composition, audiowalks, media  
technologies, and lots of other stuff.  So it should be of some  
interest here.  Check it out:  www.offscreen.com.

All the best,



Essays Published in this issue:

* Introduction: Sound in the Cinema and Beyond - Randolph Jordan

* Forum 1: Favourite Moments of Film Sound - Jim Batcho, Aden Evens,  
Claudia Gorbman, André Habib, Thomas Phillips, Martin Shingler,  
Donato Totaro, Elisabeth Weis, William Whittington, Benjamin Wright

* Barton Fink: Atmospheric Sounds of the Creative Mind - Randall Barnes

* The Work of Hildegard Westerkamp in the Films of Gus Van Sant -  
Randolph Jordan

* Semi-Random Thoughts about Improvisation, Jazz, and/or (a) Film -  
Brett Kashmere

* Forum 2: Discourses on Diegesis - Henry M. Taylor, Martin F.  
Norden, Mark Kerins, Randolph Jordan, Randy Thom

* Projections: The Development and Politics of Digital Media in  
Audiovisual Performance - Mitchell Akiyama

* Media or Instruments? Yes. - Jonathan Sterne

* Headphones, Epoche, and L’extimité: A Phenomenology of Interiority  
- Charles Stankeivech

* Forum 3: The State of the Art - Fred Collopy, Michael Betancourt,  
Barry Spinello

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